Poem: The Ridgeway Choir

One of our singers, Philip (Pip) Bowell wrote a poem about the choir in 2017.

The Ridgeway Choir

The Ridgeway choir is a lovely bunch when singing a jolly tune
Their glorious tone is melodious and full and easily fills a room
The poems and stories are of Dorset fair
Given with passion to the audience there.
But the work is hard and the voice is sore
And they strain and strive to learn some more.

The Ridgeway choir is a set of five groups that try to entertain
The treble, the tenor, the alto and bass perform with the band once again.
Trebles will squeak and the bass make a groan
While alto and tenor just wander alone
For the music seems strange as they learn a new part
As the discords and errors that appear at the start.

The Ridgeway choir sings in churches and halls and once they sang on the beach
In cold and in warm, in gloom and bright lights and recordings are made of each.
The songs are of old and some new from the choir
Of subjects both grave and some gay to acquire.
The tunes are a mixture of plain and complex
And most from the ancient realm of Wessex.

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